`*How-To/DIY: Installing 3rd Gen. Integra Sedan DB8 Window Visors


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Sharing another How-To/DIY article but this time for the exterior! I'm not seeing any threads pertaining the installation of the 3rd Generation Integra sedans window visors or threads with working images. So I guess I can shine some light on this topic.

Warning: Use this guide at your own risk. I am not a professional and am not responsible for injury to you, your vehicle, or anyone/thing else if you choose to follow this guide.

Note: the car is very dirty :shock:

The OEM rare goodness that are Honda Integra sedan DB8 visors.

There is no part number so the only way to identify and confirm a set are authentic is by the “Integra” imprint in the middle and by having built-in clips as shown here:

The hardware:
16 Phillip screws
14 regular visor “B” bracket clips
2 individual rear clips for each side.

There are 14 clips that have a “B” on them while the left/right rear clips have either a “D L” or “D R” on them, simply indicating which brackets should be used if they become unorganized. If you look at the second picture carefully, you’ll see the engravings on the clips.

In the Japanese instructions, you’re supposed to cut slits out of the weather stripping but it is not necessary and I never did it.

Step 1: Mount and align the visor on the curves of the car. The visor’s built-in clips will grab onto the top of the drip retainer molding. Remember, it is easier to install the Honda Integra DB8 window visors with them aligned on the car. I am simply illustrating how it looks without the visors on with the next step.

Step 2: Tuck the clips in between the retainer and weather stripping; or on top of the weather stripping. The clips should slide into place and become snug. Make sure to align the clips with the built-in clips of the visors so it can be mounted down. This step can be done with the visors on or off as long as the clips are tucked in correctly. Yes, I know my car is dirty. :p

The first two images show how the brackets slides in:

This image shows the individual rear left and right clips will tuck in just like the other brackets but will grab onto a certain spot on the retainer molding. As you can see here, the shape of the clip and retainer meets perfectly. When the visor mounts down to this clip without adjusting this clip, then it is a good indicator that the visors are aligned correctly. Otherwise, adjust the bracket to be aligned with the visors:

Step 3: With the 16 Philip screws and all the brackets tucked in, mount the visors down. The screws do not require much torque so be careful of over-tightening because you can snap the glued clips off the visors. My left visor is indeed missing one built-in clip but this does not affect how it mounts or holds onto the car though...unless you're missing several of them; then I would advise 3M double-sided tape. I know my stock weather stripping is cracking but I did not care much since I have the Honda Integra DB8 visors on! :p

Finished. This How-To/DIY article was not too difficult but a simple illustration of how to install the visors. Do you can see Domo Kun?

If installed correctly and with all windows rolled up, then it will have no clearance issues as shown here:

I hope you enjoyed this How-To/DIY: Install Honda Integra DB8 Window Visors article and learned something new. I would definitely recommend anyone with has an Acura/Honda Integra sedan to get themselves visors because it reduces wind noises, water dripping inside the cabin and it just looks awesome for the overall image of the car! :banana:


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i love my set, and as an added note they can be difficult to install but if you follow the op's directions it shouldn't be too bad


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Damn! I still have photos of your old car on my laptop from a few years ago!


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i love my set, and as an added note they can be difficult to install but if you follow the op's directions it shouldn't be too bad
Thanks! :)

I wish I could find a set without paying a stupid amount.
I know what you mean but the price is driven by its rarity. I barely see any USED sets for sell nowadays. The only place I see that still sells them is HMO for about $155 USED w/ all hardware.

Just remember, you gotta pay to play for OEM goodness...and you can never go wrong with OEM. :headbang:

Damn! I still have photos of your old car on my laptop from a few years ago!
Oh whaaaaa??! What photos are you talking about specifically?

And just to give other Integra enthusiasts an idea how they look on a clean DB 8)