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I noticed there are a lot of threads in this section that are not guides, so I thought it would be useful to make a list of all the How To guides throughout this section. If your curious what mods you should do or your bored this might be useful to you. It is obviously not a complete list, and will be ever growing. Mods/Admins/Ect Feel free to edit this post and add more links.

For all how to's in general. Not specific to one generation. If you give me a heads up to which are only applicable to some, I will put a notice by it. However the procedures are very similar, if not the same, between the generations.

PM me or post here if you find any I should add or there are any broken links.

***Don't see a How-To you want? Feel free to post up on the Wanted How-To's List!***


Electrical How To's

Gauge How To's

Interior How To's

Security How To's

Body Mod How To's

Engine How To's

Mechanical How To's

Wheel How To's

Driving How To's

Internet How To's


Misc. Information

How To's Not Located On
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Is this only for 2nd Gen? I have some stuff for the 3rd gen.

Cool thread man

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Items specific to certain generations can be bucketed, but most of the ones I see, if not all, are generic and applicable to all.
It's for all how to's in general. If you have one applicable to only one give me the link, but let me know that it can only be applied to that specific gen and I will put a notice on it. I'll add more when I get some time. If anyone has some links for me to add feel free to post them here or PM me.


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If anyone has any other ideas for things to add to this thread, feel free to PM me with links and I will put them into the original post.
can we link from other sites or no?
I think it would be better to summarize the key points from your link, and provide the link for the full article. Of course citing the source in the beginning.

We should probably ask suspendedHatch about some security how-to's. I know he has some on other websites, but if he could put one in a post here, we could link it onto this list.
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