How to fix washer fluid tubes/nozzle

Just helping anybody who had/has troubles with their washer fluid not getting through the tubes/spray nozzles.

I just fixed my front ones and I'm going to fix my rear spray nozzles shortly although I find that I don't really need to, it just bugs me that it doesn't work.


First things is to make sure it's not the lines that are open and visible in the engine bay. Start at the bottom of the washer fluid reservoir and work your way up, disconnect the tubes and spray them out with some water if you think that's where the problem is. I also found that using an air compressor works really well if things are really stuck in the tubes.

If the problem is not in the tubes that are accessible in the engine bay then you need to pop the little clips on the inside of the engine bay out, I want to say there are about 12 or so of them. For these clips I used a pair of pliers or grips to squeeze the bottom part while pulling the top part with my fingers, some are stubborn so try not to break them, I broke 2 or 3..

Next you need to pop out about 6 or so little circle shaped plugs that run parallel with the wiper blades. I found that just a flat head screwdriver worked best.

Remove the wipers using a socket wrench. if the wiper feels stuck, make sure to press down on the hinge area of the wiper then lift the whole wiper off as a whole (blade and arm).
I also took this opportunity to paint the arm of my wipers since the black paint came off, spray paint did the job just fine.

After you have the wipers off, lift the mesh looking plastic cover off, I believe there is a windshield length gasket beneath it so make sure not to rip it up. After you have the cover off, you should be able to access the tubes that lead directly into the spray nozzle. I found that my spray nozzles were clogged so I poked at them with a sewing needle which didnt work. You should be able to blow air easily through the nozzle, I ended up spray compressed air backward through the nozzles and get some dirt or bugs out.

Reattach everything in reverse order and you're good to go :D

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