how to hook up subs and amp?

so i jus recently got two 12s and a 1200 watt amp and i was wondering how to hook em.
so i figured that you guys can help me out

Buy an amp wiring kit. It'll include the power wire, ground wire, remote wire, clamps, connectors, fuse, and probably some speaker wire too. Kits can be as cheap as $40 bucks and are much easier than sourcing the stuff individually. The only thing I would recommend substituting from the kit is the speaker wire for some good Monster cable or something.

Mount the appropriate connectors to all the wires.Your power wire (with a fuse along the line) will run from the positive bettery terminal through the firewall, which already has a capped off hole in it. It will appear at the passenger seat's feet area. From there, you have a couple options. You can pull the centre console out and tuck it underneath there, or you can pull the step at the door off and run it down the side of the car. Then, below the back seat and into the hatch. The RCA's and remote wire will start at your deck, and again you can choose whether to run them down the centre console or along the driver door. Connect the ground wire from the amp to a nearby grounding point. There are many available. Mine is grounded to the top of my rear coilover.

The rest is pretty obvious. Mount your amp and boxes, run the RCA's and remote wire into the amp. then the speaker wire from the amp to the subs.
ok so that wiring kit i can get at a walmart or something?

Power wire from battery to amplifier with inline fuse. (along the passenger side of the car)
RCA cables from headunit to amplifier (along the driver side of the car)
Remote wire from headunit to amplifier (along the driver side of the car)

Speakers to amplifier


luxury integra driver
#5 is a great source to learn about car audio


luxury integra driver
on a scale 1-10 whats your knowledge about what you doing?
if its somewhere around 2-3 you should take it to a pro or read up the webpage above
or google " how to intsall car amplifier" and similar topics.

power wire is no joke when it shorts out it melts wrenches guess what its gonna do to your hands or your interior if it does

just a warning so you dont kill urself or break something in the process.

btw theres a lil hole on the lower right side of the battery covered by a grommet. use that hole to run power wire instead of dragging it across the engine bay to the driver side.

sorry to contradict you mirrorimg but theres no need to separate power and rca for the sub. the lowpass eliminates the ground noise
which lives somewhere in the mids. LPF is somewhere below 200hz usually 120-80hz cuts out the noise.

and less work for the guy installing
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the remote wire goes to the blue wire on the back of ur radio if u didnt already no tht. u do have a aftermarket radio right?
best buy sells a kit by rockford fosgate which includes a kill switch if it uses too much power but you should be ok with a 1200W amp
the remote wire goes to the blue wire on the back of ur radio if u didnt already no tht. u do have a aftermarket radio right?
if he did this his amp would only power on with the radio. it needs to be connected to the blue/white.

its a good rule of thumb to stay on opposite sides of the car when running power and RCA, but for subwoofers only, yes you can get away with running both down the same side provided your ground at the amp is clean and solid. For a highs amp, always separate the rca and power.
first get ur power wire (red) and hook ip up to + terminal and wire it to the trunk and have it go into the amp with the + slot, then the ground, its a brown or black wire and u wanna connect it to a part of the body in the trunk and connect it to the area on the amp that says - or neg.

then u got ur rca cables they run out the back of your radio there are 2 inputs u have them on the back of radio and on amp simple

also from the back of the radio in teh harness u need to find a blue antenna wire and splice it and connect the antena wire to the harness and run it to the back and into the amp it should say were.

once u do all that u need to now run speaker wire from the amp were the speakers need to connect to the terminals on the sub box.

thats it and for wiring diagrims on how to connect the terminals up 2 the amp look on crutchfield casue the way its has 2 do with svc or dvc and shit so hope tht helps

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