how to install Bosch universal oxygen sensor wiring

Please help for wiring bosch universal sensor thank you for comment much appreciate.

Car: Acura Integra 2DR
year: 1997
Submodel: LS

Bosch Universal oxygen sensor

2 white wires
1 black wire
1 gray wire

My old sensor from my integra

2 black wires
1 white wire
1 green wire



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Hey integra87, did you ever find out which one is which?
I know the 2 black wires on the original are heater wires, and if they are crossed, it doesn't matter.

I thinking the gray wire is signal and the black is ground?


I might be wrong...damn..


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I hate to bring up an old thread but I cant seem to find nething like this in the search. I searched google and this is the first that comes up... I know its old, but I have this same problem. The universal is HALF the price of the plug in. I cant justify that... is the above posters wiring assumptions correct?

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