how to install gsr head on ls block

ok i have a ls integra and i am looking into puting a gsr head on it. ive looked up plenty of stuff on it but people want to build the motor i just want the gsr head on my ls block what do i need to do to do this down to the oil lines ecu block gaurd questions ect.... help me out i need this

ive heard that the gsr head on ls block is only good if your going to boost.

Yea I want to either go all motor and get mad hp or do lsv boosted not sure yet. I just wana kno w my stock ls can I put the vtec head on with out fuckin shit up
get a b16 vtec head and that will give u most power with your setup right now but get a gsr head if u want forced air induction down the road... they have kits to install and google some how too's... so jus with what u have now get a b16 vtec head...

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