How to install side markers

Does anybody know how to install side markers the right way including the wiring if someone can help me out want to do it to my DA


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It should be pretty much the same install.
That write up was copied and pasted from another website, and I get called out. Woot Woot! Good luck on the install.

BTW, Who decides on making certain threads into "stickies"?
There's alot a good "write-ups" that require to be searched. And the search system on here can be a b*tch sometimes. That's why I provided a link to an outside website.
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Haha I was just messing with you man.

Only mods or admins can sticky threads. That's why I made the DIY/How-To list. It prevents the pages from having to be full of stickied threads or threads asking "How to" do something.

The link to the list is in my signature. It's also stickied in the How-To section. If you have anything to add to the list let me know.

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