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Some dumbass kicked in my fender and had to fix the dent so I figured I would make a "How-To" so that something good would come out of it.... Here is a picture of the dent.

So anyways, what you will need.
10mm socket and Ratchet
Screw Driver
That’s it! Lets get started.

Take off the wheel and put it under the car as a safety precaution incase your jack or jackstand just happens to fail.

Now remove the inner wheel well fender.

After you get all of those out, don’t forget this one near the front of the vehicle.

Now, we need to remove this bolt from the bumper to the fender. Easiest way for me to do it was to just push in the bumper and ratchet out the bolt.

Open the door and take this bolt out here.

To get to these 2 bolts, you need to remove some clips from the sideskirt so that you can push down the skirt and have access.
This one is underneath the car.

Pull towards you and these clips will pop out.

Now you can pull it down just a little bit and take out these 2 bolts.

Lastly, remove these 3 bolts.

And your done!

Nice work.
Installation is reverse of removal. If you need any help, feel free to PM me.
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Great post. Adding to the list now. :)

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