how to set gsr distributor ignition timing?

my question is how do i set the timing of the distributor . today i went out to the auto parts store and got a cap and rotor . what is it i have to do to set the timing ? i have a 2000 GSR . and what do i set the timing to ?

ur answers will be greatful


loosen the three distributor bolts so that you can freely move the distributor back and forth but not left to right

Then hook up your timing gun to the battery and spark plug wire #1.

Let the car warm up and then point the gun at the crank pulley

Move the distributer forward(toward hood) to advance or backward to retard.

The green mark on the crank pulley is 14BTC and the red mark is 18BTC. The white mark is 0.
Setit to where you like, then tighten down ditributor.

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