i need help on a 1991 acura integra transmission or input shaft bearing i think

Cosmic Power

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I was doing a burnout today in my 1991 integra with a 93 teg engine swap (5 hp more till I get the GSR) and when I left the gas station I reved it up to under the redline put it into first dropped the clutch and instead of the regular burnout ive done for years it wouldn't go into gear and then when I stopped the car it will shift into gear but not move....it makes a loud rattling which goes away when I push the clutch in(friend says its a input shaft bearing?) ALSO I found the input shaft rubber split some fluid leaked out and its constantly spinning with lots of movement back and forth (grinding ping ping ping noise stops only when clutch pushed in) im not sure why it wont drive in any gear either transmissions are not my strong point and still young and just learning not sure of what part I need for when I attempt to rebuild a transmission for the first time SIGH any input would be greatly appreciated as I know a lot of teg experts are in this community which I have followed few years now and love <3 thank you sincerely: Integra Lover