Idaho ppl

Any one from Idaho on this site :shock:. Just curious cause most are from cali it seems on this here western side of the US. :D
oh nice nice...shoulda just read under your pic hahah. Im in boise.
Yeah its all good haha. That's sweet, do you know of any import shows around here? We went to Joseph, Oregon last weekend and there was 250+ cars, with only 1 import. :(
Nah I dont know, shit Idaho kinda blows for that. All we got goin for us is FIREBIRD
Pretty much although there is nothing wrong with that everyone just bashes imports. Pretty rediculous.
Yeah it pisses me off when everyone hates on the imports. Most of the big lifted diesel trucks will step on the gas and blow a big black cloud of smoke all over your car.

I found out that there's a car show in Clarkston, Washington this weekend. And next weekend there's another one in Lewiston, Idaho. I'm trying to figure out what type of show it is, hopefully not purely muscle cars.