Inquring on info for K24 swap

So for starters, I am not gong to claim that I am a master, I have basic skills and know how.
I'm about to embark on a crazy project and am trying to be well prepared. With that being said I have a 1990 Integra DA that I plan on putting a k24 into, I have plenty of hurdles to jump through I am sure of. The k24 I am going to receive has the ECU and wiring harness and a auto trams, I plan on seeing about a trade or just selling the transmission when I get to that point as I want to stick to manual. I am also going to rebuild the engine before the swap, I want to clean up the engine bay when I pull the b18 out of it, which I broke when the timing belt snapped on my way out of work, in case anyone feels the need to say why I would do this in the first place, my original goal was to fix the body work, demolest the wiring in the car and make the car a sleeper for the most part and think about dropping a b18c in it. Now I live in Arizona and have almost no emissions I have to worry about and when I registered the car I did not have to get a inspection, go Arizona. The car has Coil overs and a stupid exhaust, plan is to just probably do a stock one, do something like electric cut outs, basically continue to go towards a elegant sleeper that does not stand out as much since this car was the first car to get me a ticket out of the 10 years I have been driving I am now partial to her. So here's what I need to ask, I want to essentially future proof the engine so if I decide to turbo it I can, so what kind of parts should go into the engine build? What special parts will I need for the swap, this way I can create a budget as well, what kinds of things can I shave in the engine bay? I will be using it as a street car so I don't have to have some insane power but I do want it to be nice and zippy, but like I said just in case I decide to be that guy I plan to future proof what I can. I would like to say this is a budget build I would like to get the car back on the road as fast as possible, but I can afford things within reason. Any help would be appreciated and if you have subject ions I would love to hear it out.
I did have a friend suggest maybe finding out if there's a b series transmission to k series adapter, for a temporary tranny solution, does on existing?


No fucks given.

What I got out of that is that you've got basic skills and want to do a K swap....?
Pretty much, I have rebuilt A engine, done body work, nothing crazy, basic repairs on cars And hve done a head casket, but was guided through those, I also know a few welder so by trade. Just gotta prepare for the swap because I don't want to not have a understanding of what I need and what will need to be modded, I know I can do what ever I set out to do if I gather enough information.

I hate to air on the side of being reasonable, but have you considered moving up to a DC integra where there are kits and everything you need?
I have thought about going to the newer one, but I am a little attached to mine at the moment, it is kind of sentimental, got it through a friend, started body work with some friends and beers, first car I got a ticket in lol, and the fact it was built 1 month before I was born.

I have read about the ground clearence, I figure I may do something with the hood, not sure yet but I figure after it is in and I can check what would need to be done I can tackle that, since the mounts I saw can change the clearence.

The reason I choose to do a kswap is because of the deal I got on the engine, if I look at the cost of driving to Vegas and getting a B18c, and everything it's going to. Cost pretty close to the same with the engine I was offered.

Also I don't ever see kswaps out here, so I like the idea of being different
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