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SInce there are more new members coming in, I thought it would be cool to start an intake review thread to help those who want to upgrade to an aftermarket intake system. Here's the format for posting:

Name of intake:



Your Impression:



Overall Rating: (1-5) 1=sucks ass 5=FTMFW!

Pictures (optional):

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Name of intake: AEM Short Ram Intake
Cost: Around $100
Year/Model of car: 2001 Integra GSR
Brief Summary: Sounds badd ass at WOT nice growl to it at low RPM's and the intake sucking air at high RPM's is nice too.
Pros: Gets nice top end power definately noticable.
Cons: Sucks at low end torque. when the engine heats up you suck in hot air, robbing away HP.
Overall Rating:4
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Raceline USA
AEM short ram intake system

Cost: $130

1995 Integra GS-R Sedan/B18C1

Impression: Right after I installed the AEM SRI, I noticed the increase in throttle response and noticeable power gains in the mid-to-high rpm ranges.

- Increased throttle response
- Mid-to-high end power gains
- Looks good under the hood
- Dryflow air filter
- Economic alternative to CAI

Cons: Heat soak

Overall Rating: 4/5


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E-bay special CAI


95 Integra LS

El Cheapo Cold Air intake origionally for my Ls that I cut and modified for my new lsvtec. Dyno tested in 4 different lengths and canfigurations including a short ram set up a mid length aimed down and a long length aimed right at where the ABS was and finnally the configuration that is pictured made the most HP over all other configurations. Im using a mushroom filter on the end tucked snugly in the fender just on the out side of the bay. The hole the piping goes through is a stock hole behind the abs so there was no cutting on the car required only removal of the side skirt and fender. The whole assembly took some patience and a good miter saw to get the angles right and was well worth the work.

Pros- makes more power duhh
cons- harder to replace the filter than a standard intake but IMO well worth the extra trouble



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Name of intake: Password JDM chamber intake (is that riight? lol) A.K.A. "whale penis"

Cost: $190

Year/Model/Motor: 2000/ honda civic ex / D16y8

Your Impression: The sound. That thing ROARS, it sounds mean as hell.

Pros: Larger intake chamber which results in more massive airflow. Seems as if the motor is able to breathe better, no struggle. No fear of hydrolocking when it rains. Very nice deep sound at WOT. Made from CF!

Cons: Since it's still in the bay, warmer air is absorbed. Very bulky, in order to reach anything around/near that area you must remove the intake.

Overall Rating: (1-5) 4

Pictures (optional): I'll try to get a better pic soon. Any questions feel free to ask


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Name of intake: AEM Short Ram Intake
Cost: Around $100
Year/Model of car: 1994 Integra LS
Brief Summary: works out great for me and sounds awsome when I get on it
Pros: Gets nice top end power definately noticable.
Cons: Sucks at low end torque. when the engine heats up you suck in hot air, robbing away HP.
Overall Rating:4.5

how ever I am upgrading to a CAI


Cost:$150 local or ONLINE $160

Year/Model/Motor:94 LS integra

Your Impression: Dont know yet I hope it works out better for me



Overall Rating: (1-5):???

Pictures (optional):

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Name of intake: IceMan Short Ram Intake

Cost: $190

Year/Model/Motor: 1998 Integra LS B18B1 DOHC Non-VTEC

Your Impression: Mean Growl. A "spooling" whistle at certain RPM's. I love the sound of it at WOT because it sounds somewhat like VTEC only deeper in tone. It's also plastic so it's not a heat coductor.

Pros: Plastic = Doesn't heat up as much as AEM Intakes, EBay, etc. It's Yellow. Great sound.

Cons: Positioning next or near the radiator and motor causes the SRI to suck in hot air.

Overall Rating: (1-5): 4.5


Name of intake: K&N FIPK Short Ram Intake WITH Heat Shield

Cost: $215

Year/Model/Motor: 2001 Civic EX D17A2 SOHC VTEC

Your Impression: It sounds VERY VERY Smooth and it sounds great! I absolutley LOVE it!

Pros: It comes with a heat shield and it's also made of plastic. It's a great sounding intake. The heatshield seems to help a lot.

Cons: Positioning next or near the radiator and motor causes the SRI to suck in hot air.

Overall Rating: (1-5): 5!!!


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Intake:AEM Cold Air (origional style)


Year/Model/Motor:1995 GSR B18C1

Impressions:This was my very first mod. I noticed nice gains throughout the RPM range, the engine breather much easier. Being my first mod, needless to say, I was real happy with it.

Pros:Solid gains, nice sound. Comes with a K&N made filter=the best. The opening of the IAB's much more pronounced, but VTEC activation is barely noticeable.

Cons:Didn't expect to have to drain the coolant to install this intake, but you need to to replace a hose so it's out of the way of the intake. And be sure to follow the install directions carefully or this will happen:

My bad, I didn't bend the AC lines down a bit like they say to.




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Name of intake: Comptech Intake/Icebox

Cost: $100

Year/Model/Motor: 1995 B18

Your Impression: Overall nice stock looking icebox

Pros: Looks stock and quiet compared to a SRI/CAI

Cons: fitting issues with 94-97 w/ABS

Overall Rating: (1-5): 4 Because of fitting issues!
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Name of intake: eBay special cold air intake, converted to SRI, R.S. Akimoto 5" filter w/velocity stack stepper to 3" piping

Cost: 40$ (originally)

year/model/motor: 00 Teg LS/b18b1

My impression: Best intake setup yet

Pros: seems to help make up some of the large lack that the LS has in higher rpms, I dont seem to notice a big down side compared to CAI in lower RPMs

Cons: heat, NOISY, whistles like hell all the time,people always look at me like "WTF"

overall raing: 3.5? I think I am intake obssessed, I've tuned/tweaked so many different configurations on this intake its not even funny, LOL. I can't wait to try different things..
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Name of intake: Injen short ram

Cost: Not sure, it came on the car. maybe ~$150?

Year/Model/Motor: 1991 Integra LS

Your Impression: Big sound, roars pretty loud. and asthetically, i like the red coupler, boo on blue.

Pros: Better than stock, and it looks pretty nice.

Cons: A cold-air would be better.

Overall Rating: (1-5) 4?


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Name of intake: AEM V2

Cost: $200 Used

Year/Model/Motor: 1995 GSR B18C1

Your Impression: I love it. It sounds really deep when accelerating. I felt power gains pretty much throughout the rpm range. And good throttle response.

Pros: Sounds mean. Feel Gains

Cons: N/A

Overall Rating: 5

Pictures (optional): Dusty Engine bay i know. Working on it



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Name of intake:aem v2

Cost: $268...the company igot it from advertised the wrong price and as soon as i bought it they chaged it..ftw!!

Year/Model/Motor: 96 db8..gsr..1.8 dohc vtec

Your Impression: it screams at wot. im combination with header and full exhaust.

Pros :it looks shweet

Cons: afraid of puddles :shock:

Overall Rating: 4.5.....a bitch to install but it does come with a new tranny braket prepaired if u get one you will have to change over the stud off the original mount to the new one and most likely ull need an air gun.



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Comptech Icebox

Cost- around 300

2000 Acura Integra Type-R

Pros: Power of a cold air in a short ram package! Dont have to worry about sucking up water, and it comes witha filter cleaning kit

Cons: Pricey

i rate this intake a 5... no issues with it

Dirty engine bay FTL =(



Injen RD intake
Cost- $255 (new)

1999 LS and in 94LS(RIP)

Pros: easy install, sound great, looks good under hood

Cons: Pricey, intake was a pain in the butt to take out after my accident, damn one piece

HP gains: have no clue hasn't been tuned yet so maybe 5hp:oops:

I rate it a 4, I would only get ride of it for Comptech Icebox

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