Integra turned off while on the freeway


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I was going around 60 and suddenly when I stepped on the gas nothing and noticed my car was off. There where warning lights on the odometer and the only thing I notice was the check engine light was not on. I cruised to the exit and into a parking lot. Turned the engine to off. Waited a second and tried to turn it back on and it turned on like nothing and no warning lights on the odometer. After that I took the streets home. It’s been a few weeks now and I’m scared of driving it. While it sits there I turned in on a few times. First time it turned on but it was struggling like some electrical stuff going on there eventually it started. Today it started with no problem, I drove it around my apartment complex like nothing happened. The AC is now out. Any ideas of what the issue may be? I just replaced the a spark plugs, wires, distributor/rotor.


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That symptom sounds like an electrical issue to me too. I suggest also have the battery and alternator tested--IIRC free at AutoZone and Pepboys. A bad device, under increased electrical load (e.g. headlights, radiator fan, A/C turns on), won't be able to supply enough voltage/current and the car shuts down. Then check the engine ground points. Good luck.


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I had a similar issue years ago with the car struggling to run and the AC stopped working. The alternator was fine, but the alternator belt needed to be replaced. Swapped in a new alternator belt and the car ran just fine and the AC worked again. I would inspect the belts to see if they need replacing before ordering a new one. As mentioned before, It could also be a bad alternator or battery too so get those tested, but if those are in good shape, check the belts!