Integra Weight Reduction

Hey, I have a 1990 Acura Integra 4 door sedan. I was wondering, what are some ways I can lighten it up a bit. I already took out the back seats but they didn't weigh much really. I also removed the carpeting, and spare tire.

depends how far you want to go with it.

I was at a T-I meet a few years back, and the owner of a G1 gutted everything. No door panels, carpet, dashboard, seats (only driver seat), door handles.
if you do a google search there are lots of posts on other sites that will come up as far as weight reduction...

ex: i have a 94 integra ls... and i have gotten mine down to 2400 lbs (stock is like 2690) and it still has a dash and door pannels...not much more though

lets see... stock weight...
Sedan 5speed
2606 lbs. (1182 Kg)

Coupe 5speed
2560 lbs. (1161 Kg)


Edit: You would be 100lbs heavier if you had a 92-93


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Remove the factory sound deadening material. All the foam in front of the firewall, and the "OEM Dynamat" can be heated up and scraped off.


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As tisguy said, it depends on how far you want to go with it.

As TegSox said, you can probably save 50-100lbs just in removing the stuff he mentioned.

If you want to go all out (like me and a few others), there's A/C, P/S, heater core, blower motor, dash vents, interior paneling (I kept the front half but everything else is gone), and even go as far as cutting certian parts of the interior subframe out (as long as you have proper re-enforcements in other ways like a cage or something), get rid of misc. brackets and clips, and replacing OE panels with lighter carbon fiber or possibly fiberglass, lighter wheels, get rid of the glass and put in some FAL windows, the list goes on and on...depends on how far you want to go.
Yeah those are really good ideas, I am planning on going pretty light with it. So I am probably going to start doing some of the ideas you guys posted soon. I'll probably start with the sound deadening material, which I heard was a bitch but one of my buddies told me I can use dry ice and that it makes removing the stuff far easier. but I'm gonna have to do some research on that before I go and try it out.
how do you want it? streetable still, or full race? like other guys have said, just depends on how far you want it:twocents: just puttin my two cents in tho

i even went as far as gutting out my windshield washer system and it hurt me in the long run i allways got to stop and wash my windows at the gas station and shit

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