Intermittent starting problems (1990 Acura integra)

Hey everyone,

I bought this car a couple of years ago and I'm just now running into this problem. The car itself runs fine and fires up on the good days but on the poorer days it struggles to start especially if I've been driving it and it's fully heated up. I'll have to wait anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours for the car to be able to start again. It seems to be a fuel issue, I have good spark and the air flow isn't obstructed in anyway. A friend of mine and I already pulled out the main relay in the dash and soldered the points that needed to be fixed (they had a crumbly looking edge where it looked like they had melted and then retracted a bit of the solder when they hardened again) After we did that it fired up and started just fine for about 2-3 weeks and then the same problem started happening again.

When the car is having issues its almost always when it's warmed up. If the car is off and warm I'll stick the key in, let all the electrical on the car turn on, then once I turn the key everything seems to be trying to power on but the rpms are barely bouncing at all, however the entire car is shaking like it's trying it's best to start, But pushing on the accelerator does nothing the car just struggles and if I am too hard on it I'm afraid I'll flood it because I can smell gasoline if I crank on the ignition/ push the accelerator multiple times for an extended period of time. But it will only do this while hot.

Here's a video to show what the gauges look like and how it acts as I try to start it:

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advanced.

There's a relay in the solenoid that over time melts the circuit and cuts power to the started when the boards hot. And when I cools it makes
Enough contact to work

I have 1990 Integra did the same thing. 2 things found in question. 1 Main relay under dash poor solder connections.... under distributor cap... poor connections on tabs scraped them off started right up. the bigger thing have ignition module and coil inside distributor cap. they could be miss firing saw a you tube video talking about ignition module .... sorry bit late, I just started having problem

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