ITR Wing swap Issue


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Just Bought a ITR wing to put on my GSR. The problem is that the ITR wing doesn't have a cutout for the Third brake light that is mounted to my GSR wing. Can anyone tell me what they did to fix this problem? Is there a Third Brake Light kit somewhere to buy? Any Help is appreciated!!!


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Itr has the 3rd brake light mounted in the rear window


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Do you know where I can buy one?
A third brake light? just delete it, unless it's highly illegal and cops pull you over to check for it then get rid of it, no one will know or care.

If you install the factory one for these cars you'll have to get the back glass or a whole rear hatch assembly because the light assembly has two pegs that go through the glass to hold it in.

It's not itr specific btw, some integras just had the 3rd light in the rear windshield.
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Of course you could always just get an LED light bar and mount it in the top or bottom of the rear windshield, just have to get creative to mount it.


If you want it done right. Take it to the body shop tell them you want the extra holes for the brake light cable welded up. If you use tape overtime you will get water in the trunk it happen to me before. Been rocking with no 3rd brake (spoiler) since 2004.
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It's been done without having to resort to getting new rear glass, I'll try to search for the thread that I found it in, im sure it was on h-t, it involves some kind of adhesive to hold the oem 3rd brake light in place.

The kid in the thread even mounted two lil black circle pieces to the outside of the rear glass to make it look as if it was oem, which is unnecessary but he took the time to do it.

Also, someone mentioned not to bother running a 3rd brake light unless it's illegal and yes it's illegal anywhere in north america, but besides all that it's actually very dangerous to not have a 3rd brake light, if someone was driving behind you and looked into their mirror or left or right etc. And you happened to hit your brakes (night time scenario) and they didn't see you apply your brakes, but when they look back at your car they might not realize you're on your brakes, they might assume those are your regular parking lights.

When the 3rd brake light is on, there's no mistaking that the person is braking, you have to make it as easy as possible for people on the road to know what's going on.

When I drive, I assume every one on the road is fuckin retarded, and I'm usually right 99.9% of the time unfortunately.

That's why I also run oem side markers, the last thing I want is some asshole destroying my car so I try to make my car visible.

It's another reason why I wanted jdm tail lights originally, I feel the Amber rear turn signal is less confusing than the usdm all red tail lights with red turn signal.

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