JDM ITR 4-1 header into 94-99 GSR fitment trouble?

Easy fix, get a exhaust that fits a ITR or LS and a cat that fits a LS or ITR.

If you dont want to do that and want a test pipe, contact kteller, they make em in diferent lengths a with rotationg flanges.

The 94-99 GSR B-pipe is 4,5" longer than the ITR, thats why the ITR headers are so long.

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Hey so I was thinking it over..... If i have 2 1/4 inch exhaust and i put a type r header on my bone stock GSR, will it hurt my power since I dont have any mods for the motor?

best solution is the password jdm adjustabe test pipe, or the omni power adj. test pipe......best investment as far as exhuast go, they have 2.5 inch collector....any header, JDM or USDM....problem solved.

i got the password one nt to long ago and made my exhuast set up with my ITR header and catback, look and sounds flawless.


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will the jdm itr header fit on my 2000 gs(ls engine) without any modification? I have the entire exhaust and cat uprgraded to 2.5 inches already.
Wow thread jack much?

It'll bolt up but it won't fit your cat. You need a cat/test pipe that will fit a 2.5 collector on your header.
Yep, pretty sweet. Love that single sensor OBD1'ness.
I definitley recommend putting anti-sieze on the threads of your O2 sensor. When I went to take off the ITR to have the engine pulled for a rebuild, we couldn't get the O2 sensor out of the ITR header. We had to drill out the entire stock bung with the O2 still in it, weld in a new bung, and by a new O2 sensor. You may be able to tell in my pic, that O2 bung isn't factory.
your guna need hi temp anti sieze, it has copper in it for hi temp things like exaust bolts

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