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It's a little late for me now, but has anyone ever bought from them before?

I ordered a cap for the HID ITR conversion and an Ebrake Fog Switch from them about a week ago. The very next day I get a message saying "one or more of my items is out of stock" when the site clearly says it's available. I've messaged them through their contact page and I have yet to get a response at all about what is "out of stock" and what time frame I'm looking at for delivery since the money's been taken out of my account already.

Lo Key

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Gotta say, I'm not very happy about purchasing from this site at all. It's almost impossible to get ahold of them, there's no contact number on the site or an email, had to do some research to get it. It's been well over a week since my first email and still no response.

Had the same thing happen to me, i ordered side markers and it said "instock" money was taken out but i got an email saying it was an error. Email the contact info and got no responce so i filed a dispute in paypal and the responce was instant. Got my money back.

disappointed their customer service sucks, They have some pretty cool stuff!


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I stay away from sites that have JDM in the URL. Either stupid service, slow shipping, or out the a$$ prices.
They just shipped my package I ordered about 2 weeks ago. They'll get better as they get more busy. They'll have to or capluey!

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