July '14 ROTM Winner: OGstackadolla


Patrick Juszczak

Lightspeed Racing

B18c1 Engine
K&N Short RAM intake
Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts
Cruise Control Delete
Power Steering Delete
Air Conditioner Delete

B16 Gearbox
Quaife Limited Slip Differential
Fidanza 7lbs Flywheel
Competition Clutch 6 Puck Stage 4 Clutch

Buddy Club Racing Spec Dampers
Miracle Cross Brace
Miracle C-pillar bar
Miracle Butterfly Bars
ASR Subframe Brace
ASR 24mm Anti-Sway Bar

Stop Tech slotted rotors
Project Mu Club Racing pads in front
Hawk ceramic pads in rear
Stop Tech SS braided brake lines
Motul RBF660 Brake Fluid
ITR Master Cylinder
Full ABS delete (Rs Hard Lines, 40/40 Proportion Valve)

Wheels and Tires
16x7 SSR Type-C
205/45 Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 in front
195/50 Toyo R888
Work Teal Lugnuts

P1 Special Project Front Splitter
APR Carbon Fiber GT Wing

Sparco fixed-back racing seat
Kenwood - DDX719 - 6.95" Double-din In-dash Dvd Receiver
Red cluster lamp bulbs
Semi gutted interior
ITR style shift boot
Garage Star 4" Shift Extender
Spoon Sports shift knob
Momo regular hub
Momo Competition steering wheel
Works Bell quick release

VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
Deleted Rear Wiper

Chris and Berto from B&C Performance for giving me the chance to work with them
Cory and everyone else from Street2Track for the support they show me
Ryan Nakata from FFrontbunch Hawaii
Tony Nguyen with APR Performance
Sunny Le from Tech3 Performance
Caesar from NorCal AutoStylez
Dylan Fujimoto from Backyard Motorsports
Matt 'my boo' Eugenio with Raceline USA
Vince Ferrer and everyone else on Team Lightspeed Racing
Theo Rozone from Team Lethal Injection Racing
Everyone at Driven Raceway in Fairfield, Ca

B&C Performance
Tech3 Performance
NorCal AutoStylze
FFrontbunch Hawaii

Buttonwillow a couple weeks ago

[YOUTUBE="2:15 Lap"]tu3_EDroESg[/YOUTUBE]


From Thunderhill a while back

Interior Shot

From the last CMI event in Sacramento with the Street2Track girls

ClubIntegra.com Treasure Island/7th Street, Oakland Meet 2014

B&C Performance flier Joe made with my car on it

Random shots


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The other asshole
She's really let herself go... :mrgreen:


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Stop utilizing girls in skimpy clothing to your advantage. Lol

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The other asshole
I see ac, cruise, and power steering. Unless deleted is slang for broken out West.
Dylan (Samurai blue) Does all the work under the hood, Pat doesn't know how to open the hood to get a fresh pic. :lol:

That mad Kanjo glove box delete!
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I love the size of your KNOB!:shocked2::naughty:
Thanks, man. It's a Garage Star shift extender with a Spoon Sports knob. The extenders are for sale, I would highly recommend this brand for any track car. I still need to write my reviews on it.
I love this build.
Thanks, homie! Sorry for the delay, Jason's been dealing with family issues back East until yesterday
I see ac, cruise, and power steering. Unless deleted is slang for broken out West.
LOL! I haven't had a clean enough bay to take another photo, probably should though
Do the marbs add power?
That's my secret, I forgot they were in the camera view in the first photo; don't divulge my secret!!!
lol i dont do s*** to that car.
Haha, it's actually been a long time since you've touched my car. You went from crew chief to tire sponsor in less than a year, baller!


The other asshole
I already tried hard, All that ended up happening was I woke up in the trunk of my car with a semi and no memory of the previous night.