Justin's Prelude (BB6)

1997 Prelude Type SH

My initial plans for the car are to really get all the maintenance out of the way, it needs a little bit of work here and there. I would also like to get the stock badges back. Those are my current goals with this car at the moment.

-NGK spark plug wires (If that counts)


-Tiger Paw grand touring

-Kenwood headunit and speakers

Now what you guys care about:



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How does it feel compared to the Integra?
I love BB6's. Best prelude years IMO. I love it dude. Nice pickup.
Thanks, I love it too, it's great.

How does it feel compared to the Integra?
It's faster in a straight line for sure, the ATTS system really makes it handle better as well. Overall I like it better than my integra. Keep in mind my integra was a POS though.


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I love this car.
Ordered a timing belt kit with tensioners, head gasket kit, valve cover gasket, power steering belt, and arp head studs. It will be a busy next couple weeks. Also took this today.

Edit: They're blue I promise, they just look green for some reason here.

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Those lights need to go.

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