K-Swap, B-Series Swap or Rebuild


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Overpaid for a 1997 Integra GS-R about a month ago, mostly stock except for a Yonaka catback and coilovers. It's at 175k miles right now.

Right now I'm working on restoring it aesthetically. So getting the interior back to looking like new, removing any surface rust, restoring headlights, etc.

The motor runs fine as is. Timing belt was changed at 160k miles, and has been maintained well for the most part.

I have another car, an automatic econobox that I'll be running when the Integra is out of commission or for work. So the Integra is my project car, but I'll be driving it a lot.

Originally I thought I could just save up to K-Swap by this time next year, though being as high mileage as the car is, I'm wondering if that's a worthwhile move. The chassis itself is in great condition, surface rust on the hatch and door panels which I'm removing, and respraying and I'm in Florida so I won't be getting snow (or salt) (the reason the car has rust to begin with is because it was originally from connecticut.)

If not a K-Swap, I'm also considering rebuilding the B18 motor that's already in it. Would that increase it's lifespan considerably? Would I be better off just finding a low mileage B18C Motor? Easier said than done considering how expensive they're getting.

Another option that was presented to me is buying and shipping a low mileage shell for $1,800 and reshelling with the parts on the Integra I already own?

I don't know man. Am I overthinking this whole thing? What route do you think I'm best going? Thanks in advance.