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Yes, a cumstain on a s***egra forum.

1999 Mustang GT, 4.6L SOHC V8 - Factory rated at 260hp, actual numbers are about 220 @ to the wheels

I bought this car on a whim, more or less to manual swap it, so here's s*** I've done or put into it:

'03 Mach1 TR3650 (90k) w/ driveshaft, Separator plate & Modified Wiring harness.
Bullitt/Mach 1 pedal rack with pads.
Bullitt/Mach 1 shift knob.
Mach1 lip & grill delete.
Steeda Tri-Ax shifter.
Short Hurst shifter handle.
New Exedy mach 350 stage 1 clutch (Good for 430ft/lbs of torque).
New OEM flywheel.
All New OEM engine gaskets.
New Ford Racing flywheel/clutch bolts & dowels.
New Ford Racing headbolts.
UPR billet clutch quadrant & firewall adjuster.
New radiator.
New fuel pump.
Lokar billet dipstick (broke the stock one pulling it out of the block).
Castrol 5w20 in the engine, Pennzoil Synchromesh in the trans.
New Powerstop rotors, brake pads, and front calipers as of late 2017.
Shaved cobra wing.
Replaced Diff oil and cover gasket.
Cerwin vega 6x8 speakers, mach460 sound system delete and wiring bypassed.
Hankook ventus s1 noble2 tires all the way around (2016)
UPR offroad x-pipe

Far from all the work but that's all the parts I can think to list.

Potential plans that I can think of would/will be:
03-04 Cobra bumpers with CF heat extractor hood, or 01 cobra bumper with a Mach1 shaker hood
18x9 front/18x10 rear CCW LM20's or similar looking XXR's because I'm a broke ass b****
Maximum Motorsports Panhard bar.
Charcoal grey interior swap.
New window tint (20%).
5.0 boss block build topped off with a kenne bell for maximum panty soaking
6 speed swap
01-04 Dual din conversion w/ audio overhaul.
MGW shifter.
Aluminum driveshaft for weight, and vibration reduction.
Corbeau FX1
Borla Stinger catback
Lots of billet interior trim pieces, but not too many because that s***'s tacky
Custom alcantara steering wheel wrap
Black cat customs retro gauge face with silver gauge rings
Heated seat elements
Glowshift oil psi/water temp/AEM wideband
Sell/trade for a 2012 Boss 302 and start over.

Date of purchase: 9/22/2014


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The other asshole

Picked this up, TR3650 from a 2003 Mach 1 with 90k, Owners house caught fire and burned the whole front of the car, It was an awful sight, I got parts anyway. :mrgreen:

It came with a Steeda Tri ax shifter w/ adjustable bump stops.
I can also cross the Bullitt/Mach1 pedals off my list since I have them now. :D

Parts left to get:
Clutch cable kit
Manual shifter bezel
Shifter base insulator
Trans fluid
Clutch kit
Flywheel bolts
Pressure plate bolts

The shop also had the cobra version of my car there and a Mach 1 with a couple of small scratches. :lol:


Top end gaskets & head bolts.


Billet quadrant and firewall adjuster clutch cable kit.

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Rented a tow dolly and hauled it to the garage to begin the engine rebuild and manual swap.

A group of kids yelled "nice mustang!!!" at me as I was leaving my neighborhood. :lol:


Photo day:


Tear down begins.


Progress was slow, Needed some time to prep my brain before going all in.


Still taking it easy, Keeping it chill, Trying to get in the zone.


H-pipe is out, Still taking it easy.


Rolled it outside to enjoy the nice weather and remove the old slipping auto trans, Got stuck outside for the night because the torque converter bolts rounded off and I didn't have the energy to break them off.


With some much appreciated help and inspiration from Treeafodo and others the trans was out.

4/2/2015 Update:

Fairly eventful week, Got the clutch kit and gaskets yesterday, Flywheel/clutch bolts today, Flywheel is scheduled tomorrow and dipstick saturday. I've still yet to find a local tuner to remove the auto ECU functions so I may be buying a flash tuner. :roll:

Pulled the block out this afternoon, Went to put it on a stand and realized I didn't have any bolts to hold it on with, No luck getting any as you can see by the shimmed head bolts I used to pull the block, Everything's metric on this engine and apparently no one carries metrics in the woods.

Also brought the heads home and put them in my garage to strip and take them to the machine shop.

Now I just need to remove the auto shifter and pedals, Power wash the bay/under side of the car, Install manual pedals, Clean/rebuild the engine and it can start going back together.

As long as everything goes smoothly should look for this to be running in 3-5 weeks at most

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Flywheel arrived.


The dipstick came in, Opted for the billet Lokar because oem is overpriced garbage. :lol:


Got the engine on a stand, Pulled the rod bearings and they are flawless!! :D

Removed automatic shifter, installed the manual pedals and billet quadrant.






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The other asshole


It's done, started first try.

Put it down on the ground, backed it out, and drove it.

It's no ordinary GT, it may be stock engine wise but the clutch handles more like the monster clutch in my old camaro. Shifter is heavy, mechanical and precise, no slop.


Got up early, went to register it and get the plate, grabbed a fuel filter on my way, replaced that, and took it home.

My trip home with it consisted of my stopping in the massive local Toyota dealership to let a friend see it, in looking for him I had several people shout "nice mustang at me" and asked if I would sell it :lol: and a few winks from some not so bad looking chicks. ;)


Spent the night last night disassembling the front end to install the mach 1 grill delete and lip.

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The other asshole

New fuel pump.


And some photo chop ideas for some cheap look overhauls.


Sup honda b****es

Don't mind me, just still driving my mustang, still kicking ass, dropping panties, making ricers question their manhood. :mrgreen:

I've officially worn a hole in the leather on my steering wheel from driving it, and yes, as you can tell from where the hole is... I'm that douche :rolf:

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Sorry man, still haven't had much time to make your billet penis emblem you wanted. :lol:


The other asshole
Wouldn't it be great if we could just make a raging hard penis grill emblem? :lol:


The other asshole
Whats the goal of this monster of a beast?
Just to fix it.

I wasn't really planning to buy a mustang, I've been saving for an RC51 for about 2 years, but someone told me to go check it out, I liked it, made an offer and they took it.

If I don't just run it through its break in period and flip it for the RC51 I'll probably just work on the exterior, Maybe get saleen bumpers/sideskirts/wing, '03'04 cobra heat extractor hood and staggered 18" fr500 rims.

Once I have it looking the way I want it I'd move to the interior, Charcoal grey swap with bullit seats and mach 1 trim pieces, Nice audio system, Then maybe beef it up and get a kenne bell, Shoot for 500whp.

Once it's back in running order this time the RC51 becomes the main priority regardless though for reasons I won't go into detail, Most members here know why it's important. :)
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