Koni yellow installation question


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I've looked at several of the how to threads and the like, but still have questions. The front shock absorbers from Koni don't have any mounting brackets on the bottom of the shocks like the stock ones do. So how do you install them? I watched one video that the guy cannablized the stock absorbers, he drilled out the bottom and drained them. Then he cut them in half with a hack saw and put the koni's inside them... Is this really the way the fronts are installed? With all this custom work... You think they would come made ready to be installed.. seeing as how I bought the ones made for my car... I've never built struts before.

Also, what else do I need to buy besides the shock absorbers/springs? Should I go all out and buy all new bushings. top hats, bump stops, covers? Or reuse the old stuff..

It's a 2001 GS-R by the way.


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you looking at cartridges, that's the way they all were in the beginning, im pretty sure they make a strut for the teg. and id do it all being its almost 20yrs old, at least anything rubber anyway.