Learning to tune my ECU


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Hey guys thanks for the add.

I have a 1998 Acura Integra LS 5 speed(B18B1). I used to own a 02 WRX and wanted to try out the honda life (loving it so far). The car has a T3 turbo with a bunch of goodies. I have a Chipped ECU from a pro tuner in my area. His software is having issues and he is not eligible to tune my car yet. I'm looking into tuning myself. I know its something that takes time and a lot of knowledge and practice but I am wanting to start somewhere. What is the best software to learn on and get my boosted integra ready for auto cross and being my DD.

I am looking for the following: What software, what I need to get started, how much am i looking at.

Thanks guys.


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Thanks man! I am hoping to try and figure it out so i can keep making it better without spending hundreds.


Tuning isn't something you can pick up on the fly, and for some, they never really learn how to do it well. There is a reason they charge upwards of $300 to tune a car. Also, don't forget the dyno rental, not too sure how connected you are in the community out there, but it doesn't seem like you are, so finding someone to let you use their equipment may be a bit more difficult than you anticipate.