LHD ITR CF Part Numbers

Your best bet really is to go on Ebay n look for the junk. Its pretty cheap on there and typically an abundance of everything. If you dont find wat ur lookin for come back in a week. I member seein the entire kit, all vents, a/c control, shifter plate, i mean everything it was like a entire CF kit and stock JDM just used, was only 200 bucks...

does anyone know if the jdm dc2 climate control will fit the usdm db8?? ive been wanting to convert my stuff all over to cf.. but can never figure if i want to buy cuzz i dont want to start throwing money on something that doesnt fit..
Is this real CF or the checkered colored fake stuff? How much does it run? Is there anywhere online where i can enter those part numbers and order it? I know they have honda sites like that for dirtbikes and atv's and stuff, I dunno about cars.
hondapartsunlimited.com i use that website for all my car parts.. just build your vehicle as a 2001 type r and its easy as cake


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Do The Shift Plates Say Integra On Them ?

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