Lightning Audio Bolt B2.300.4


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I hooked everything up, put RCA to LF and RF, then I hooked sub up to just one to see if it worked, and I got nothing. I swapped it all around and stuff. I tried bridging and still got nothing. First question is, is one channel strong enough to do ANYTHING to a subwoofer 12" kicker? Second question will come after you answer second =P


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50w RMS is enough to play a sub, just not loudly.

Some pics of the amp would help, so we can see all the knobs and switches.
Did you hook everything up properly?

Battery to Amp with inline fuse near battery
Amp to ground
Remote wire from headunit to amplifier
RCA from headunit to amplifier
Wires from amplifier to subwoofer.

If yes, is the amplifier turning on when you turn the ignition/ACC on? There should be an indicator light showing that its getting power.


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Yeah, that's the same pic of the amp I found Googleing, it's absolutley no help, lol. I want to see the sides of the amp where the buttons, swithes and knobs are to see if you have something set wrong.

Does the amp smell burnt? The smell of smoked electronics is a pretty unique smell, one that's hard to describe in words, but you know it when you smell it if you know the smell, if that makes sense.

Are you sure the wires haven't come off the sub or the box terminal inside the box? Try popping the sub with a battery, use a 9volt if you have one.

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