Looking to buy driver side seat for 2000 Integra Gs.


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Hello fellow Teggy owners. I am currently looking to purchase a driver side leather seat for my 2000 Integra GS. I have been religiously searching the internet but have not been able to find one for my car. I have found the black leather ones, but my Integra's interior has gray seats. I've looked into having it reupholstered but I'm looking at around $700.00 for the one seat. I was hoping someone in this forum could steer me in the right direction or maybe selling one themselves. I reside in New Jersey but all help is welcomed. Thank you all in advance.


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Hey there, I don't have any good info for you, but I hope this following information helps. Integra front left and right seats are completely interchangeable, minus the seat brackets. So with that info, you can also try and find a seat that is passenger side and possibly in better condition like your own passenger seat. And it is very easy to take off the covers alone if you need to change the foam or something.

Unfortunately as time goes on, parts become more and more scarce. I learned that with a 1985 Honda Accord I had recently, literally nothing in the junkyards, but there was some decent stuff on ebay. Hope that helps you out, save that $700. That costs $200 than my replacement b18b1 :eek: