Loud Clunking/Knocking noise when making a right turn

I have an Issue i cant seem to figure out. Everytime i make a right turn there is a loud clunking or knocking noise. Sounds like its on the right front side of the car. My car is lowered pretty low, and i tunred the wheel to the right to see if im rubbing on anything and it dosnt look like it. its loud, it dosnt sound good and its only when i make right turn.

Sounds like your CV axle is bad. That's usually the cause. Check it out or take it to someone to check it out, there's a possibiltiy of it breaking if it is indeed the CV axle.
How can i check it out? anyting inparticular to do? is it expensive to fix? how important is it to fix, meaning should i get it fixed asap

I'm not sure how to check, I jsut know what the sound is so I know when I had to change it. If you have the know how, you can do it pretty easy. There is a DIY on here and the Haynes manual for our cars has a great step by step in it. It is very important in my books, it CAN break. Plus it's annoying as shit. I'm not sure how much they are new, I stole them off of my parts car.
Thanks guys... Im broke until next week so ive been driving really easy... I know i need to replace asap. Is it hard to install?
I am unsure of the instal, however, I do know that it is that (Possible Tie rod/Tie rod end, but I doubt it). one of my friends folded the wheel underneath his oil pan by ignoring it. When it failed he was doing 67 mph in a 70mph zone on a straight road and it still did that. I don't say this to scare you, but to help you understand the importance of getting it fixed. :)
Yup that def is your cv axle. Its really easy to replace. Ive done both of mine. N if one of yours is bad the other isnt far behind so I would replace both of them if you plan on keeping your car for a while. You can rent the axle nut socket from autozone and as long as you have a breaker bar or a torque wrench. Your GOOD!
you should take it to an allignment shop, they usually install them for a decent price, and they guarantee work. im about to replace mine also.. but mine do it everytime i shift it into gear. they are 60 for one and 50 for the other.

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