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I am buying a completed Gsr motor for my 94 Integra that is all stock.... The guy at Dallas Jdm motors (where im getting the Gsr from) said that the Gsr motor will bolt up to the existing Tranny.... Is this true? will it cause problems? i bought a Gsr clutch kit for it... Also i asked him what els i needed for my Integra, he said that i would need to run the Vtec wire? how do i do this? And what about my ECU can i use the old one... What questions should i ask the guy i am buying the Gsr motor from? I am lost, never done this before so any info would be much appreciated.


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You gotta do a lot of researching first. Way too many steps to make a LS into a GSR. It's not that hard, but if you don't know what your doing, you could run into some problems. Yes, the GSR motor will bolt up to the LS trans with no problem. I would recommend replacing the clutch with at least a stage one. Everything will bolt up just fine. Your gonna need a VTEC ECU as well as run a wire from the VTEC solenoid to the ECU so it will engage. Your better off changing your wire harness in the engine bay while the motor is out from an LS to a GSR, will be a lot easier and save you some time. There is some other steps, but I'm sure more people will fill you in! Good luck man!


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So just buying the Gsr ECU and running the wire from the Vtec Solenoid to the Gsr ECU will be all the wiring issues i will have to deal with? And thats with using my wiring harness of of the ls motor? also i read a little about a Vtec sub Harness... I dont really understand how to install it but is it a good option? and how hard is it to install?


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I was thinking about whether anybody could outline for me.. how much quicker my 2dr 95 LS would be on the off chance that I trade a gsr in it. At this moment it has an AEM Cold Air, DC Sports 4-1 Header, Trust Catback exhaust, Fidanza Flywheel, Exedy stage 1 Grasp that would all be traded over to the gsr. Im going to get the full trade. At the present time it runs about a 15.7. What times would i be able to be searching for in the event that I placed the GSR and jdm imports in it with those mods? Much obliged