May '11 ROTM Winner: Teggykid952


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1991/Integra/B20 swap

- Custom CAI
- XS Power Intake Manifold
- STR 64mm Throttle Body
- Throttle Body Spacer
- DC Sport 4-2-1 Header
- B20B swapped
- Semi wire tuck (re-loomed)
- Relocated fuse box
- Vacuum lines / Charcoal Canister deleted
- New motor mounts
- Painted intake, intake manifold, valve cover, header, block, transmission
- Deleted cruise control
- New dizzy
- NGK spark plugs and Bosch wires
- Custom exhaust: 2.5" piping, two 24" resonators, deleted cat, N1 style CF muffler

- New Milano Red paint (shaved emblems)
- 32% tint
- DDM Tuning 5000k HID's
- Accord front lip
- 50/50 tail lights
- New headlights, tail lights, turn signals, front bumper, hood

- Skunk2 Lowering Springs
- Bomz Strut Bars (front and rear)
- Koni shocks
- New lower ball joints and axles

-Bronze 16x8 Drag 31's

- All new seats, custom headliner, steering wheel, door panels, various panels
- CF shift knob
- Kenwood KDC-X794 (not installed)

Here's a link to my newly posted log for all the details:link

Hope you like the car!
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It has come a long way. Clean as hell


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Cmon guys I gotta win. You know how much work I put into that pillow? hahaha. Home Ec project if anyone is wondering. I figured, why not?


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I also noticed (while checking out the competition, hehe) that everyone listed even the small things like what they painted, ect. I'm just gonna say that I'd be typing for the next couple hours trying to put everything I've done down haha