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Ok I'm new to this website so pls Dnt kill me :( ok so I have 98 dc4 2door 5speed stock100% besides CAI and lowered on coils and performance shocks... Anyway the thing I recently got CEl for catalytic below threshold and couldn't pass emissions so I dd research and did something now I realized stupid! I put a gallon of paint thinner in my gas tank and followed the Scotty kilmers YouTube catalytic converter cleaner method diluted with half a tank of gas . The point is now about a week after the procedure I've gotten random misfires on all cylinders cars runs like compete crap it strange because sometimes a cylinder fires the next day it's random I have no power under high load .. Could the paint thinner have caused this??? I've already did complete tune up afterwards to try and fish out the reason. I've done timing belt water pump spark plugs wires cap and rotor
My teggy ran flawlessly before I did this it has 190xxx any ideas?? Btw the reason why I tried this method is because it looked convincing a lot of reviews saying its safe and what not .

Not gonna lie. That was dumb. Seriously, a universal cat welded in to your exhaust would have been painless.

You need to drain all the gas out via syphon. Replace the fuel filter, and spark plugs and go from there. Oh and replace the cat too since you need to do it.

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Paint thinner? Come on dude! You deserve to not own an integra after that. That's probably one of the dumbest if not the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Where the hell is OGstack at?

I already drained the gas and the fuel filter I checked it and it looks like mud is in their dirt and stuff but not a whole lot but your right ill replace it Monday hope that helps. Can paint thinner damage my motor? Can it burn valves? Damage pistons? Anything? I know it was stupid but idk I've read reviews where it said its harmless it was a lesson learned .. also my exhaust is really puffy like pop pop pop etc and a lot of carbon build up around the tip stock exhaust btw thanks on advance .. Oh and what's OGstack? I'm lost
You better hope OG doesn't show up. Mistakes happen, we all fuck up. Do what drevans_satx said and hope you're good.

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Here I made a list of things that can go in your gas tank
-fuel injector cleaner

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I looked up this dumb ass video. Here is the link so everyone can see how fn crazy he is.

I noticed he used "lacquer thinner" and you said "paint thinner". Without knowing the exact chemical he recommended (Im assuming Acetone) you cant pick the correct solvent.

The theory of using a solvent to clean the fuel system/engine/and hopefully catalytic converter is the same as fuel injector cleaner. However Im guessing you probably used the wrong solvent which is why this is dangerous and I dont think it would have the desired affects anyways.

Regardless, drain the fuel tank, replace the fuel filter, new spark plugs and you should be fine. Possibly new O2 sensors.
As far as the catalyc converter below threshold code it never came back so I gues the method worked to clean it? So I gues I got the desired affect it was the 20$ paint thinner gallon from walamart in riverside California ..... Ok so I tried Lucas fuel injector cleaner and it actually ran alot better but still misfires under high load . So it's safe to say the fuel filter must be plugged and the problem thanks for the help I was skeptical before I posted about it being the fuel filter . I honestly thought I fried some valves or ruined the engine internally on Monday ill also check out the o2 sensors... The club troll ? What's that sorry I'm new to this is he like a strict member ?
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Yea ran most of it but decided to drain the rest reason why I haven't changed the filter is be cuase the car is in south central l.a at my cousins house and I'm in riverside I'm going tomorrow tho to get it done . Gotta warn you guys living in la area it's teggy hell . I had my old 95 SE teggy 98+conversion all around stolen from a body shop when it was gonna get painted on the first day I dropped it off in long beach .and it was sanded down not even good looking still stolen happend about a month ago LAPD found it in an alley torn apart with grafitti saying HAHAhA YOU GOt JACKEd . LA is a **** hole for Hondas/acuras just a WARNInG DO NOT LEAVE HONdAs at body shops no trust
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good lord

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