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2014 WRX
Invidia catted downpipe
Invidia catless uppipe
SPT quad-tip exhaust
Turbosmart plumb-back recirculating bypass valve
Forced Performance HTZ blue turbo (Much whoosh)
COBB intake w/box
1000cc injectors
DW65 fuel pump
1 step colder plugs
AVO tmic
ISC sport coilovers
ISC rear lower control arms
Enkei RPF1 (18x9.5 in SBC - Rare)
Kartboy Short Shifter
Perrin Shifter bushings
Perrin trans mount/pitch mount/motor mounts
Anarchy motive 1lb shift knob

Bunch of cosmetic and audio gobbldee gook.

She puts about 400/400 to the ground on pump 93


No fucks given.


haha yea the year i worked in the north part of the county was pretty brutal. Now that im in the south part where the tourist are im getting back to normal.


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I don't think I posted these on here yet, but these are the most recent ones



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lol what? They're matte black, this is right after I washed it

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