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Installed my FMIC kit on the Juke today. It's insane how small the stock SMIC is especially considering barely a 1/3 of it gets any airflow.
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Installed a SRI & Stillen Front Strut Bar on the Juke Today.


Rocking them legit ricer parts
If only they had a Juke in NFS Underground XD

On the bright side, these ricer mods allows me to actually hear the turbo spool up. and also BOV sounds <3


The other asshole
Not yet. I was gonna go put it back together today, but for some reason I’m super tired and my joints are hurting a little more than usual so I just decided to take it easy

I dug my great grandfather’s air compressor out of my garage to see if I could use it, it’s like a 32 gallon, but it was built in ‘56 so it may be junk

Found a random N64 down there too... no idea where it came from since I know where mine and my brother’s are.


No fucks given.
What's up with the passenger headlight? Is that haze or just a shadow?

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