MT to AT throttle body pulley swap skunk2 Alpha?


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Been doing research an I cant figure it out on my own an I cant find the question already asked anywhere so making a account an asking is my last resort.

I have a 1995 Integra LS AT an the throttle body got messed up an needs to be replaced.

My question is I want to buy a aftermarket TB, preferably skunk2 billet or alpha series. Im aware the pulley doesn't have anywhere to put my kickdown cable an thats the issue im running into. I want something new an aftermarket but all these aftermarket TB are for manual trans with no kickdown cable. Im not a fan of buying one of these rusty ass OE TB off ebay unless I have 0 choice.
The Alpha series TB looks promising for swapping my OE AT TB pulley onto but im skeptical. Anyone attempt this before, anyone have both an they could give me a idea on if it will work.
My concerns I cant solve without it in my possession are spring placement on the alpha looks off from AT setup but I could reuse the OE spring with pulley im thinking. Other concern is displacement, will my OE pulley sit to far out on the alpha series.

Or if someone knows of a brand or place to get a new or aftermarket TB for a AT?

This is for a OE B18B1 manifold (for now) I've seen things about the skunk2 alpha fits weird for the IACV flow on a OE manifold. I'll make due for 2 weeks until I can buy a manifold but should I get the 65mm or 70mm since its going onto OE in the meantime? im thinking 65mm, I could probably find that bit of info but figure I'll ask.

Its my daily but also a project build so I plan on doing a manual swap in the future but need a functional throttle body for my current setup asap.