Multiple electrical failures.


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So, I own a 99 integra ls, and she's giving me electrical problems.
I've lost power on:
OBD connector,
intermediate wiper setting,
rear wiper setting & rear defrost button,
and my trunk dome lights & interior dome lights.

I've tried my best to troubleshoot this.. I pulled each interior bulb out to test if there was a short somewhere, replacing the fuse after each bulb was pulled, yet the fuse blew every time. I don't remember which fuse it was or what amperage it was as this was over a week ago, but it was in the fuse-box under the hood. Anyways, I'm stumped here fellas. One of my buddies claimed I must have a short-to-ground somewhere.

Anyone have an ideas what could possibly be causing this? I haven't changed any electronics in my car apart from an aftermarket stereo, which after inspection looked to be all in good shape.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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probably a short on a ground. Wouldnt know unless you knew what fuse it was.
I'll let you know tomorrow. I've been really busy with school, so I've sort of put this on the backburner.
I'll return with the fuse.
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Little update to this.. bought another pack of 7.5a fuses, and troubleshooted this a little more. Took my subs, amp, and radio out, and put a new fuse in. Everything on the circuit started working (interior lights, int. wiper, dome light) until I pressed the rear defrost button. The light came on, then I heard a click behind the dash, then boom. Fuse blew again, and nothing works. Still don't know what to do.