My 94 Sedan Build-Up - Lots of Pics = ) [ Updated Constantly... So Stay TUNED!!! ]


>>>Honda Enthusiast<<<
when did you get a roll bar, Khoa?
years ago, i'm thinking 2008? i mean the autopower warehouse is down the street :)

this pic reminds me of this...
oh you know... i have the lambo parked in the garage... lol

I never noticed that fat CI decal. Is that still being sold?
got it from jay-jay years ago for ROTY. i believe they sell these in color now like the banner.


not a girl lol
lol it's just that it reminds me of a nice car parked in a not so nice place


>>>Honda Enthusiast<<<
time to switch things up a bit... adios blue, hello plasti-dip. $6 a bottle @ homedepot vs $9 @ ace hardware.decided to remove the MF10s to clean and sell. plus it'll be easier to get tires once i have time to head up to raceline.

soo blue like a smurf... but it would look badass on the track, hence the dipping. the spoke EVO decal was fake and easy to peel, however the lip decals were authentic... and oh boy they were a b**** to remove.

after a nice scrub.... bling bling!

had a extra set of cards laying around... do work!

final product, still drying but u get the point. 1 can 2 wheels... but another 1/4 -1/2 for the pair would be perfect. so all in all 3 cans is more than enough for a set of wheels.

stay with megen, or go with spun.... hmmmm