My Build Thread


As a college kid with limited funds, my project is slow and steady. I will use this thread as a log to keep up with whatever I do to the car
I got the car in June 2011 with 74,000 original miles. Today shes got around 111k
Here is a list of mods so far:

-Skunk2 weighted shift knob
-Blox short throw
-Alpine Type S speakers all around with stock tweets
-Alpine headunit

-Lumar tint 5% rear, 25% front
-DDM Tuning's 55w 6000k HID kit
-Paint-matched side skirts
-Spoon style front lip
-CI Decals (gotta rep em)

Suspension & Wheels:
-Lowered on Function & Form Type 1's
-Godspeed LCA's
-Rear adjustable camber arms
-Yokahama S.drives size 205/50/15
-OEM Blades

-Stock B18C1 with K&N SRI

-PLM Toda Replica header 4-2-1 design
-Cat delete
-2.5" straight pipe to Magnaflow Muffler
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Both clean looking tegs! Good progress so far with some tasteful mods!


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wow! thats a really clean teg! how many miles are on it? your rear suspension/brake area looks like its brand new! good luck with the build!

EDIT: nvm. i reread the OP lmao still looks really good, i have a little less miles, but my rear brakes are really rusty..


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Need to throw some spacers on those blades. Also repaint the wheels, (as I can see in your sig). The low miles is impressive, how much if you don't mind me asking.


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look like slips but i could be wrong, fresh low miles, pics of the bay?
Might be. Just assumed it was the blades cause I didn't see anything listed.


sorry the sig pic is when i plastidiped the blades. is basically rubber in a can. i just wanted to see what they would look like but i didnt like it so i peeled it off and stuck with the original style. and i just purchased a type r style lip and oem style fogs.


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Well, I figure if im browsing this website every day I might as well make a thread of my car.
I got the car about 8 months ago with 74,000 original miles. Today shes got around 83k.
Here is a list of mods so far:

-Lumar tint 5% rear, 25% front
-Function & Form type 1's
-Plus some cosmetic fixes and such
Clearly, shes a work in progress haha
New editions to the list:
-Added DDM Tuning's 55w 6000k HID kit
-Poly Urethane Type R style front lip

This was a few days after I got her:

Suspension pictures...:

And heres one of me lowered and my buddy's white 94 gsr:

Thanks for looking!
that size of rims and tires do you have and how lower is your car

by the way nice car 8)