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lol i saw the first page and was wait that looks familiar, and yup i was right HT, looks great wish i can be on HT one day(i can dream i guess), been seeing a lot of 91 civic articles lately though who knows


The car will be at WekFest this year again.... but it will be "For Sale". $25K was put in the car last year for Wekfest and I have been going through a divorce and just don't have the time to enjoy the car or work on it anymore. Air Jacks are installed but not hooked up. Whoever buys it will be looking at a car that has about 500 miles on it since WekFest 2010. 30 days prior to Wekfest last year Blower was rebuilt by Magnussen and coated, K24 with approx 30k on it was installed, New Volks and Nittos and numerous other details that are not "wearable" items. Car is not "Street Legal" (no cat, no ABS, no Air Bags,no carb legal exhaust, 1000 cc injectors, and ARC intake) Blower has CARB sticker for lowest bost from Comptech but car has 9psi pulley. Car had a mild tune on it for WekFest last year by DynoSpot.


If anyone is interested...

I am selling the following from the car...

Volk Genesis wheels, (18x9 +35 with Nitto Invo 255) tires and center caps for $2800. The setup has very little mileage and is in mint condition.

Bride Gia recliners for $1800 a pair including the tuning pads and rails. If you want 1 seat it will be $1000 for the seat , rails, and tuning pads. I am not selling the tuning covers or rails separate (only if the buyer doesn't want them).

AP Racing BBK calipers, rotors and mounting brackets for $1100 they have less than 500 miles on them from new and have been powder painted silver and blue.

All of the above is from my RSX.
I am looking for a local buyer as I do not want to ship and the buyer can see the parts in person.

I am located in Concord California.


Car has been sold for quite a while, and I do not have a Honda or Acura anymore so I do not post anymore. As a matter of fact i do not even own a car anymore... Living retirement in Mexico now. :)