My huge red rocket picture thread


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You're obviously a pervert if you clicked on this thread :naughty: :naughty: :whip: :whip:

Now this car is going to be a DD and my commute is typically far everyday so the car is going to remain stock (except for cosmetic stuff, but no performance stuff or suspension)

so this thread will mainly consist of pictures of a stock s2k ap2 but she is my newly born baby

jpgDSC_046420140713_028 by nwa659, on Flickr

jpgDSC_046520140713_029 by nwa659, on Flickr

jpgDSC_049020140713_030 by nwa659, on Flickr

jpgDSC_049320140713_031 by nwa659, on Flickr


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Too soon junior.

Very nice s2000. I didn't realize ap1 and ap2's had different cluster styles. I did know that the ap1 redlined at 9k while the ap2 redlined a little over 8k.

Also, what's the box shape cut out thing at the left rear bumper for?


My job is clean toilets
That's what we call a fuel door, Mike... :lol:

Don't they put fuel in your car for you in jersey?

Lmao!! No no Kurt. It's in the rear bumper. It's pretty small. I'm not that stupid haha

And yes they do ._.



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It's a jdm hole, mike.
That s2000 is beautiful :drool:

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I have no idea. I was wondering that too but just haven't looked in the manual yet. The cluster also has a option to see the oil life % which I am not sure exactly what that is for.


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Okay, so that square cover is to screw in a tow hook. You know, in case I get stuck while off roading.

So don't worry Kurt, my square cock is still only for you.

And the oil life % is basically an oil change indicator.

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