My huge red rocket picture thread

I didn't notice any improvement after lowering. Then again I have a tired old engine. 115k miles strong!


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Was going to drive it and take pictures. Opened the trunk, loaded the trunk with camera and tripod, set keys in trunk, closed trunk.....FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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No :( :( might cough up the dough and get one now. Fucking irritating but the beer is helping :lol: thank goodness for AAA roadside assistance ;)


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Whatever AGAIN!! :rolf:

Oh yes, my hair is soooo long and I can't be having any of that messed up hair. What would the girls on the beach think of me??!!


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You have long hair? Are you one of those beach surfer dudes? Haha.

I can't wait to see the pics :)


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Haha, yup shaved head. Both upstairs and downstairs (I know you like it like that Kurt)

Door is open!!

The guys asked to buy my old stealies and tires for $70 for all four. Sound good?

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