need a little advice


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Okay so I'm going to turbo my b18b1, because I'm tired of people talking shit about my honda in the 805 so I'm surprising them with a little something what's the safest boost I should put on the turbo? I allready have bigger cam gears, a arp intake manifold, si cams, that's it for now .. but yea what's the safest boost setting I should put? Help :)


basically, i like fast!
Honestly if you want reliable boost, you should contact a local tuner (a guy who tunes ECU's) and ask him.

As for the safest boost? lol... none. But you can get away with 5lbs easily.
Wait a minute. Hold up.

-You have a B18b1 with Si cams? Do you have a VTEC head?
-How much bigger are your cam gears than stock?
-ARP intake manifold? Whats the part number on that?

If you can answer those questions than I can help you.
Beat me to it.