Need fuse box diagram, Help Please....!!!!!!!!!


ok guys heres the deal, i got a 94 integra, thing is jus goin to shit right but i need a picture of the diagram of the in dash fuse panel...mine doesnt have one and i have no clue what fuse goes to what...maybe someone can snap a pic of theirs or knows of a sight where i can find this...please any help would be greatly appreciated thanx


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95 Integra fuse box picture:

Don't have a pic of the diagram, but maybe you can compare your fuses to these and find your problem that way.


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dang thast the 95 fuse box? my 98 has alot of them in 4 rows lol


New Member has a complete service manual that you can download for free.

You just need to make an account which is free and takes like 1 second.

Just go here after you make an account and click on the Honda/Acura Integra one to download or view it.