Need Help Diagnosing Rough Idle


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I have not checked the cat. If it were plugged to the point of not allowing the car to run properly, would the car not exhibit the problems all of the time? This is really getting under my skin. Timing is dead on, I'm running out of things to check


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I had a cat monolith break in another car and at times it would get turned sideways and plug the cat completely whenever you revved the motor.

Can you get your hands on another coil pack to rule that out also?

I'm just trying to think what else it could given what you've done already.
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i actually just checked the coil and i believe the resistance is too high.. will update tonight


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Hi guys, sorry for digging up an old thread but I have exactly this issue with my stock 97 Integra as the OP has here.
My car will idle, but it'll be erratic hovering between 400 and 800 RPM. The car sometimes will stall with a strong smell of gasoline coming from the exhaust. And sometimes stall. It will restart easily and when I rev it up the missing disappears and it drives normally.

In rare cases the car will start missing on probably two or more cylinders and will run very unevenly. There is also a slight knocking sound when this situation happens coming from the engine, with this I have noticed that there is a lot of black smoke coming out of the exhaust and the check engine light comes on identifying a misfire. Again the car will either stall or keep misfiring for a few minutes and when I rev It Up the misfire disappears after a few minutes and it begins to fire again on all cylinders and goes back to normal. And it'll run fine for a considerable amount of time.

I cannot find any obvious issues and it'll run fine with a erratic idle for a considerable amount of time. I have noticed on the web it seems like this is a somewhat common occurrence with Generation 3 integra's but no one's clearly explained what the fix is. I have done all the usual things like spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, fuel filter, timing belt Etc. The car has run the same before and after these things are been done. The car is being well maintained since new and otherwise runs superbly , I like on the highway. The only thing I do remember is when the car was virtually new the check engine light came in and when I took it to the Acura dealer they said it was a misfire and they just reset the computer. Very occasionally I notice it does seem to misfire, maybe this is related to the other problem?

I'm sure someone has figured out what the fix is seeing it's such an old car now, LOL I would appreciate any help that anyone can I offer me with this issue
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These conditions can cause a rough idle, as well as many other engine problems. The first step is to remove your spark plugs and take a good look at them. Their condition can help to diagnose the nature of the problem that is causing your rough idle. tomzpot mobdro