Need to get car running again so I can get back to working


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I've already beat my head against the bricks with this car for 2weeks. Scoured every post and forum I could find and have tried just about everything.

2000 Acura Integra GS Automatic B18B1 non-vtec (sad Ik). 2 issues happened around same time. One of the audio amps I had in the back shorted out. More importantly it has since started surging in gear and at idle after heating up approx 15-20 min. More frequent to surge if run to warm and then left off for a couple minutes before restarting it. Will eventually clear up after about 5-10 minutes. When surging issue occurs idle drops to around 450-500rpms while surging up to about 1k-1.5k and dropping to where it almost stalls out before catching itself. Applying pedal only causes mere seconds of roaring relief before causing a more aggressive surging with bucking and misfire/backfiring. Attempting to let it coast in gear without throttle during it only provides small lurches of movement and sadness. Throws only misfire codes while surging. Starts with Cyl 1&2 codes and if left running progresses to 3&4.

In relation to the amp and possible electrical issue. I have removed and disconnected the entire system in case of faults elswhere within it. I checked all fuses and relays, gutted the car to visually inspect the interior oem wiring and any wiring I added for the audio system, as well inspected the engine harness for any damage. I've tested the continuity, resistance, power and signals to all emmisions, ignition and idle related sensors listed to commonly fail. All test within spec and show no irregularities. Both battery and alternator test fine. All battery connections and ground locations have been cleaned of corrosion. Main relay solder connections show no cracks or issues. Replaced 100a batt PAL fuse and 40a ignition PAL fuse.

The distributor shaft seal was leaking oil so I rebuilt and resealed the entire distributor. While at it replaced o2 sensors, spark plugs, cap, and rotor. As well tested spark wires to ensure within resistances. Ignition coil is new. Swapped igniter controller with a working spare so shouldn't be an issue there.

I have cleaned and rebuilt the FITV and IACV, burped the coolant system, cleaned the throttle body, ports, and butterfly carefully with a dry paper towel (paint line is a little scuffed from age), reset the ECU, and did the idle relearn as well as possible.

Only thing I have managed to do was remove a Bank 1 o2 high voltage code, take the normal idle it previously held around 8-900 down to ~750, and smoothened the slight chop it had with warmup.

I do not see any fluid mixing; No oil in coolant. No coolant in oil. No bubbling in the radiator. Fuel lines are rusty towards the rear but not terrible condition, filter was recently replaced. Last time I was in the fuel tank it was free of debris and filter was still clean in the pump. Fuel pump still kicks on and primes. Has new fuel injectors, all work with no issues. Old spark plugs were fouled but not wet or cracked. Old cap and rotor had mild burns. I cannot find any vacuum leaks in the system and PCV and grommet were replaced recently. I do not feel any combustion leaking externally from engine seals or manifold seals. I do feel mild blow-by with valve cover oil cap off, but no more than what's expected. Only exhaust leak is at the rear axle muffler flange which shouldn't cause an issue.

Also if I'm remembering right TPS reads .45 close and 4.45 open with no dead spots. It is the OEM sensor with snap screws so I don't feel like adjusting to true .5 close and 4.5 open.

Coolant temp sensor had the right resistances and voltages. Was like .3v cold and 2.8v warm again if I'm remembering right.

As well last time I had cylinders compression checked was about a year ago and they had at the time shown within spec.

More than likely it is something obvious I am missing...


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Yeah. I started at Eric the Car Guys YouTube channel since he has a set of videos on Honda issues using an Integra and ran through every other video I could find. Ran through everything I could find on Google, ClubIntegra, TeamIntegra, Honda-Acura, and Honda Tech forums. So figured I'd post and see if anyone had an idea. Appears more that the sites dead and the mass of knowledge left on available on here is enough to just tell ppl to Google it.