New B20b P8R owner!

just got my b20 p8r :D bought the whole engine with no tranny for $ buddy had a P8R with LS tranny with basic bolt ons and he beat 350z and rsx type s.... i know these b20s are special compared to the others but i been doing some research and they dont get too specific with the P8R??

can someone help me out with P8R specs?..i know intake valves are vtec sized
compression ratio?

your buddy with the p8r was it just the head or with the b20 as well? and is it auto ls tranny cuz i might look into that set up
no it was head and block from b20!.... it was 5spd with 12lbs flywheel

pretty simple if you know what your doing almost the same as dropping in a b18.... i havent put mines in yet i just recieved from shipping.... i do know you gotta use your intake manifold cause the b20 has a high rise style... and i gotta do my altenator and dizzy since im running obd1(95) and motor is obd2(97)


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P8R B20s are equipped with lower compression (8.8:1), most of them came on the Orthia (JDM car) and were supposedly on only 1% of all b20's. Not sure I really belive that numer but whatever. I have had both the high compression and the low comprssion b20's and I couldn't tell a difference in my butt dyno between the 2 haha. Just do a quick google search on p8r b20 and you'll find more then you want. I got a p8r head with my b20 from tiger japanese and my buddy just got one as well.


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technically different, yes, 33mm intake valves, 47cc combustion chamber on the P8R head with a full 84mm bore, so you cannot use it on B18's, it only works on 84mm bore blocks or larger. Was your friend beating 350z's and rsx type-s's with it and a 5spd trans with some bolt on's? It's possible, but the race would have been close, your only lookin at about a 20-30hp increase if that.
thanks guys!!
did little more research and found out
b20b(p75) has 8:8:1 126hp 133tq
b20 p8r has 9:2:1 (combustion chamber bigger and 2layer head gasket but b20b pistons) 143hp 132tq
b20z has 9:6:1 (phk pistons but p75 head)146hp 133 tq

thats what they said^^ the horse power seems off... another site said P8R stock vs stock can take a civic si(b16) and GSR easily
... b16=160hp GSR=175hp....seems off to me??....

my friend with p8r had the 350z and type s on his sides... so yes very close race... 1/4 mile was a 14.6 if i remember correctly...
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yea it says it has p75 but phk pistons...p8r has the p75 pistons but better air flow and bigger combustion chamber...idk i guess P8R are really rare
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civic si's with b16's can be taken easily to begin with lol b16 is one of the worst vtec motors you can get
True, they really don't make alot of power but they are small displacement.


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idk 143hp for a p8r seems too low... im sure they got alot more then stated
But also take this into consideration, that was from the factory brand new. Your engine is older and has some miles on it so it's gonna make less HP.
motor isnt on yet and paper work say it has 45k miles... so almost new... the forums im reading say the b20 P8R i got on makes 143 hp and has a 9:2:1 ration which is equal to my b18b1 in my car

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