new here, sup evrybody


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New to the site, thought it would be cool to follow builds and da talk. I'll post up pics of my integras soon, looking forward to feedback as I build and also look forward to seeing all your builds to, thanks eerbudyy


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I own a 92. From experience, if you are expecting an easy builder this is not for you. I love my car but it’s been nothing but a frustration collecting information on and getting proper working parts. You will want to locate any leaks on the passenger side FIRST being it tends to leak right on the **** ECU. One is from where the blower pulls air from outside the car between the hood and windshield on the passenger side, I made a deflection plate, real simple. Gas tank has to be dropped to change fuel pump, can’t find proper fuel sock and because of poor circulation i burnt 3 fuel pumps fairly quick. Now I’m running no fuel sock but only have access to half a tank of gas. Alternator issues, omfg... alternator under intake manifold, half shaft must be pulled before pulling alternator, on my 10th since 2012. ICU discontinued so if you like any of the various functions this provides such as side markers, rear defrost, wipers, dome light, door indicators and other various things get aquainted with an electrical supplier and learn to test and replace electrical components. I’m still trying to figure out after 2 years how exactly the alternator operates being it’s shown to be tied into the PG-FI, ICU and ECU and I can’t find what’s causing me to fry or partially fry alternators to the point they don’t charge, under charge, over charge or charge intermittently.

If it’s simpily a project car and you have cash to burn, do some research and build a G23 and convert to obd2. Btw, the G23 build comes with its own issues being you’re swapping upper lower and internals between several different motors, that’s not even getting started on the motor mounts. Both requires a lot of time and patience, Either way you’re in for one hell of a ride ;)