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Probably, that is. Have to check VIN at mom's to be sure of the trim. Inherited from my little old lady of a mom. Typical old lady car: bought from the showroom, treated like gold, kept under 100k then gifted to me whereupon it was not flogged, but I have been driving it like a normal person. This is one of those street/track/sell type scenarios, and rather than be one of those guys that goes straight to the for sale section, I wanted to introduce myself and see what the Integra community is like. I do like the car a lot, revvy and shifts like butter. However I'm more of a RWD guy. I do not know any of the FWD lines at my locals tracks, and I worry that a 25+ car will need a lot of maintenance since tracking is pretty brutal on a ride. I'm wondering how hard it is to find good mechanics for these cars, how hard to work on, part costs, that kind of thing. Failing that, at least I can get an idea what it's worth. So that's rpretty much it, thanks folks.