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Dave Scott: Race Coach

"...he was able to mentally disconnect from the mechanics of driving, from the ‘oh where do I have to hit the brakes, how slow do I have to go, where do I need to start my turn in, when do I have to go to the gas,’ to the mental aspect of paying attention to what the car was telling him and making minute changes as he looked farther and farther ahead. It fundamentally changed his driving and allowed him to execute properly with the brake pedal.”

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Making the Leap from HPDE to Racing Part II: What goes into picking a car and a series

"I began following the development of the class about a year ago, watching their forum and Facebook page to see how things panned out. Any racing is a big investment, and it can be a gamble to test a new class. No one wants to race in a class with only a handful of cars."

We followed Chad Morehead as he navigated BMW CCA and NASA race schools in the leap from HPDE to club racing. What follows is a discussion of the thought process he went through in choosing a car and a series to race in.

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New Driving Technique Article:

False choice #1: Smoothness vs. Aggression

"Clearly, we want to avoid weight transfer spikes. This is the simplest explanation of why being smooth is preferable to being abrupt."

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