New sound system, no speaker sound


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Hi guys, I recently brought dc2, but the person I brought it from had terrible radio, terrible wiring, and only three speakers worked, the front ones almost didn't work, it sounded extremely low and depressing, and the left rear speaker was dead and the right rear speaker worked. I always thought the speakers brought new speakers everywhere and the same thing happened, I thought it was a cable for the radio, but I have a careful cost plan, my good idea would be great, when she bought a radio she introduced me to radio from a chair for a car with a common seat for Honda and Acura I combined a new sound system with new clothes, everything worked great, sounded perfect and then out of nowhere the sound kicked the bucket I'm connected to the system and the sound works well, re-introduced improved and no sound, all cables are great, this is not the most memorable time for me when I introduced the main device, but I'm still not a professional I will only see that at some point it may be a wire that connects to the stated price, but provided that cps test ometv so, the sound system goes into protection mode and that's not the case, if it works pretty well, it just doesn't emit sound